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There are a number of psychological problems that can come from a variety of medical diseases, and sexual problems are one of them (by the way, erectile dysfunction isn't a disease, it's just a technical sounding name for an undesired situation that people sometimes take pills for). Actual diseases can cause problems in sexual functioning as well as depression and anxiety symptoms, problems concentrating, etc. A physical exam by your physician is always a good idea to rule out potential medical causes. All kinds of psychological issues can also lead to problems with body functions (headaches, gastrointestinal distress, back pain, lack of sexual arousal, dryness, pain, and impotence are just a few examples). Often, sexual 'performance' issues can resolve relatively quickly if you have a supportive partner and if you can make some radical internal changes in how you approach your thoughts and feelings. Other sexual problems may have started further back and have more to do with fear, vulnerability, acceptance, and comfort with your body. These may require a more involved process of insight and a deeper change of feelings toward oneself.

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