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Marriage is a wonderful adventure, but transitioning into a marriage (including wedding planning itself) can also be a very stressful process. I work with pre-marital couples who want to be proactive about starting their marriage on a strong foundation, both by working through any current sources of difficulty, and by having a guide to help you navigate some of the important decisions and challenges you may face in the decades of marriage to come. You may also want to learn, or perhaps just brush up, on effective communication skills. Working on these skills now can help you to avoid common pitfalls and unhealthy argument patterns, as well as give you a structure to work through life's decisions productively and respectfully with your partner.

Whether you are required, strongly encouraged, or simply have the good foresight to tackle some issues so you can strengthen your bond before the official (or unofficial) commitment to each other, premarital counseling can be very rewarding and reduce the stress of marriages and commitment ceremonies. Even if it just makes you feel like more of a team in the face of family craziness that is sure to erupt around the planning and execution of your big day, it can be worth it. Quite a few people come to therapy not because they are in deep distress but to strengthen what's already good because they want the tools for clearing out junk from the past, for healthy conflict resolution, and for safe, open communication when feeling vulnerable.

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