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A short course for engaged & newlywed couples

You have invested so much into making your wedding day everything you dreamed it would be.

Why not do the same for your marriage?


Want to start your marriage on a strong foundation? Now is the perfect time to build on the strengths you already have as a couple, so you can feel confident that your relationship will continue to be a source of joy and support in your life.

Research shows that couples who participate in pre-marital education have:

Optimal Marriage might be right for you and your partner if…

This program is:

We will cover:

Plus, choose from one of these tracks to further customize your experience:

Opposites Attract

Whether you have differences in personality style (introvert and extravert), daily habits (night owl and early riser), money matters (spender and saver), spiritual practice, or any other area, this track focuses on balancing your differences so that they become a source of strength rather than frustration.

Extended Family

Are you ready for in-laws? The joining of two families (and creating your own family in the mix) can be one of the biggest challenges in the transition to marriage. This track helps you cope more effectively with family pressures, in order to stay positive together. If relevant, we can also address circumstances such as step-children and coping with former partners.


This track is for couples who want to take their communication to the next level. We focus on the finer details of patterns that get partners into trouble, and how to avoid these common pitfalls. You'll also learn how to transform your communication into powerful connection, and turn your disagreements into opportunities to grow even closer as partners.


Fee: $540 (four 50-minute sessions)
Sessions are for individual couples (not groups of couples)
Please call Dr. Morrison at 303-547-3592 for more information
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