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Chronic illness can require a major adjustment in how you live your life, view yourself, relate to others, and plan for the future. You may not want to "burden" others with your fears and frustrations, but these feelings are real and valid. Having support in adjusting to a new diagnosis or managing a chronic illness is very important. Identifying the kind of help you need (informational, financial, emotional, practical), feeling comfortable asking for help, and taking steps to increase your sense of hope and control over your life are essential. You may need to grieve the losses associated with the illness. Be patient with yourself as you adjust to a new version of yourself and identify ways to improve your situation.

When you are in chronic pain, it can feel like nothing else matters and like you can't do anything. It can be all-consuming. You might feel helpless and hopeless about the possibility of enjoying life or being able to do "normal" things as you used to. You may find medication helpful, but not helpful enough. You may want to avoid using pain medication but want to still do something to reduce the pain. So what can you do? There are non-medical ways you can lower your pain level and increase your sense of control over your own body and mind. Give these methods a chance and you could see noticeable improvement. You do not have to be a helpless victim to pain…you can learn to control it so it doesn't control you!

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