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I work with "adult families," which means families with adult children. Sometimes families are trying to learn how to function and communicate better in a family business. Other times, there are problems focused on a particular (adult) child who others perceive to create problems for the family as a whole. Sometimes it's a blended family that never really blended and they want to go back and get things right between them, especially when (or before) grandchildren are in the picture. Real family harmony requires a kind of deep respect and listening among its members, and sometimes old wounds and resentments need to be 'cleaned out' and properly addressed before the family can move forward. Trying to just 'put the past behind' doesn't work. It has to be done in the right way. I sometimes work with families around major holidays when various members of the family fly into town. In those cases, we set up long sessions (about 2 hours) on multiple days to really get things moving in the right direction. Naturally, this format has to be planned and booked well in advance to coordinate our schedules.

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