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It is never too late to get some help for your child. Kids are so resilient and usually respond well to the right kind of therapeutic support. My approach to working with kids involves focusing on the context of your unique family rather than working just from general principles. I am creative and practical, and I aim to help your family make changes that really work. I work with children from toddler through teen and young adult years. I work with families experiencing simple, practical struggles that can be addressed quickly, to more severely traumatized kids that need more guidance and longer-term support. I work with parents who are simply looking for more powerful parenting strategies and families experiencing ongoing chaos and conflict. Please see my child & teen therapy page for more information.

Adolescence is an intense time for many reasons…you are trying to figure out who you are, dealing with puberty and raging hormones, surrounded by pressures from friends and parents, and having a lot of responsibilities and expectations. Common struggles teenage girls face include problems with body image, self-esteem, dating, making decisions about sex, drugs, and alcohol, pressures about grades, getting along with parents, bullying at school, and "frenemies." Managing confusing, difficult, or painful feelings around these common struggles can be overwhelming. You have more independence, but still need help sometimes. Sometimes you just want to talk to someone who is not a parent or a friend, someone who can listen and provide guidance without telling you what to do or judging you. Therapy can be a private place to explore these issues and learn new skills so that you can feel more confident in yourself and your ability to cope.

For parents:
I work with adolescent girls on a variety of topics, including depression, anger, anxiety, self-esteem, body image, perfectionism, relationships, and emotion regulation. In order for therapy to be successful, it's important to establish clear boundaries--is this family therapy or individual therapy for your daughter? This decision will impact how we proceed, and what your role in the treatment process will be.
For teenagers:
Whether it's your idea or your parents' idea to talk with someone, I want you to know that you will have control over how this process unfolds. If you work with me for individual counseling, there are certain topics (related to your safety) that I will share with your parents if necessary, but otherwise I want to create a space where we can discuss whatever matters to you. I can share with you a number of skills and tools to help you cope more effectively with the challenges of life. I can also provide an objective perspective on what's going on, and a space to sort out who you are and who you want to be (and, if the two are different, what steps you can take to bring your reality closer to your ideal).

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