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Some people work with me to improve their sales performance, business relationships, negotiation skills, management of direct reports, or relationships in a family business, family trust, or family foundation. Many successful businesspeople understand that the management of one's own feelings and being authentic and tuned in to others' feelings ultimately are the real keys to wielding appropriate and effective power in relationships. Tactics that rely on manipulation, bullying, intimidation, and cockiness can pay off in the short term while enemies collect in one's wake to sabotage future efforts--and certainly future happiness. Too often, the most financially successful people become the loneliest as intimacy takes a back seat to performance (usually, this imbalance starts in childhood for good reasons that we have to sort out). I help people learn long-term strategies for collaboration, win-win experiences that create loyalty, and a wise balance between competing needs and agendas that leads to trust and great leadership. Kevin Cashman put it simply: Leadership doesn't come from being right, but from being real. Effective leaders have many qualities but first and foremost they are more fully themselves and know how to express who they are without apology or embarrassment; and yet they aren't so full of themselves that they lose or misperceive their connection with others. The balance between being more fully in contact with one's own values or mission in life, and being open to and facilitative of other people's growth and self-leadership can be learned in many places, including psychotherapy oriented to insight, practice, feedback, and reflection about how to grow one's own (and others') leadership qualities.

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