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Forms for your first session

For adults (individuals, couples, or families) coming to work with Jason Seidel for consultation or psychotherapy. Each person should fill out a complete packet. Obtain the password from Dr. Seidel.

Guerrino and The Wild Man

An Italian version of the Iron John fairy tale--this one was written by Straparola in 1558. The German version (Iron Hans) was written down 300 years later by The brothers Grimm. This story can best be enjoyed after reading Robert Bly's study of Iron John, because the differences in tone are striking: much more emphasis in the earlier Italian version on expressed emotion (especially by the mostly male characters) and the necessity of emotional connection and relationship (as opposed to the more individualistic and action-oriented style of the later German version). The two stories tell very different tales of what it means to be a mature and happy man. Bly's book has been criticized on various grounds, but simply reading the earlier version will reveal a more complex idea of masculinity and the need for emotionally mature relationships as part of an emotionally mature self.

Colorado Mental Health License Verification

This is where you verify the license for (and complaints against) psychologists or other mental health professionals.

Colorado Mental Health Statutes

Laws governing confidentiality, professional conduct, use of the title "psychologist," and a definition of psychotherapy.

Jason Seidel's forthcoming article (with Bill Andrews, Jesse Owen, Scott Miller, and Dan Buccino):

Preliminary validation of the Rating of Outcome Scale and equivalence of ultra-brief measures of well-being. Psychological Assessment [in press].

Jason Seidel's 2014 article (with Scott Miller and Daryl Chow):

Effect size calculations for the clinician: Methods and comparability. Psychotherapy Research, 24(4), 470-484.

Jason Seidel's 2013 article (with Scott Miller, Mark Hubble, and Daryl Chow):

The outcome of psychotherapy: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Psychotherapy, 50(1), 88-97.

Jason Seidel's 2006 article:

The survival of psychotherapy: How humanistic accountability will transform our profession and your practice. Colorado Psychological Association Bulletin, 34(7), 6-9.

Jason Seidel's 2005 article:

Experience is a biochemical intervention: Reconceptualizating the "biologically based mental illness." Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 69(2), 157-171.

Jason Seidel's 1998 doctoral paper:

Empirical Evidence Disconfirms the Biopsychiatric Ontology of Mental Disorders.

International Center for Clinical Excellence

An organization of over 5000 psychotherapists, researchers, and trainers around the world who are involved in feedback-informed treatment. Jason Seidel is a senior associate, certified trainer, and advisor to the board of directors.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

A Colorado-based international organization that trains therapists in somatic psychotherapy for trauma. Jason Seidel became a certified practitioner of sensorimotor psychotherapy in 2001, and often incorporates aspects of it into therapy for trauma.

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