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Esther Park, Psy.D.

Psychologist Candidate


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Esther Park, Psy.D.   303.547.3595

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depression, anxiety, psychosis
relationship difficulties, trauma
Christianity/spirituality, culture

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University of Denver: BA
Rosemead Sch of Psychology: PsyD
Manhattan Psychiat Ctr: Internship

main phone: 303-547-3700


Monday through Friday
9:00AM to 6:00PM

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$155 for 50-minute session
$232.50 for 75-minute session
$300 per month for group therapy

therapy style

Therapy can often feel like staring at a blank canvas. It may feel like you are stepping into a room where I am asking you to paint a complete picture of your entire experience when you have no training in art. In a way, it may seem like you are being asked to say the "right things," be the "perfect patient", and present something like a Monet or Picasso. You may feel compelled to share parts of yourself that I would find interesting at the expense of feeling safe, unrestricted, and free to explore.

Everyone experiences their world and circumstances uniquely and differently. I can provide the space, safety, and curiosity to explore different avenues of who you are so you can determine what is meaningful and important to you. Therapy is about creating congruence between what you show publicly and how you feel privately.

Therapy is meant to be unrestricted, open, safe, and filled with grace. My goal is to help you explore the deeper parts of yourself that you may or may not be aware of. These parts of you may impact how much you flourish in life, your spiritual life, your relationships, and your career. Essentially, my goal is for us to co-create in the space we share and to find meaning in parts of your story that may have been overlooked or feel overwhelming. When starting therapy, it can feel uncomfortable exploring deeper parts of yourself with someone new. However, through therapy, things that felt scary and overwhelming can change into something that feels familiar and safe. Therapy is about stepping out of your land where it may feel dark and confusing and into a land where you have resources, relationships, and positive interactions to paint your own canvas. Therapy can be very difficult and you may feel worse before you start feeling better. There are times where you may desperately want to quit. With a safe enough working relationship, we can weather that together.

I have trained in various therapies and primarily use psychodynamic approaches along with attachment theories, and Emotion Focused Therapy. Depending on what you need, I may use a combination of these theories. Overall, my goal is to help you attend to and explore your internal subjective experience and how it influences your relational patterns and defenses. Therapy takes incredible strength and it would be a privilege to walk alongside you during this process.

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